Living Edge Bench in Oak and Elm


Living Edge Bench in Oak and Elm with Copper Details
“Curved living edge Oak bench”

Approx Size L 1300mm W 640mm H 500mm



We sourced a truck load of slabbed sections of Timber that were left in a front garden in Brighton, UK after the previous owner had sold the property. Much of the wood has or will be used in existing or future products.

Having been left under a bush for a number of years, the condition of the timber was varied. Some pieces were beyond use but most of the timber was salvageable and subsequently took a lot of man hours of preparation before we were able to consider a finish design

The most eye-catching piece was this naturally shaped living edge oak. Perfect shape for a corner bench.

The legs are constructed using machined and hand finished beach and elm and are constructed using an angular A frame design, to not only enhance the design and look of the piece but also to give the legs additional strength and durability.

In the process of construction, we realised that the bench lacked a finesse and in a desire to display innovation in our construction and design, a copper accent was added to enhance the living edge and joinery detail of the piece.


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