The Ecology of Talent

that raises us all..

We live in a world that answers to no particular deity but the mere necessity to move towards something. Often regardless of direction, we walk and talk, pause and break bread, cry and write, paint and film, love and fight, all for the sake of something that we can only reach collectively – simplicity. 

Whether it’s a permanent strive towards meaning that drives us, or the desire to co-create one’s place in the world, it is always about nurturing the Ecology Of Talent that raises us all. Whatever goes in has to come out transformed into something that means a lot to the many rather than just the one.

This said, we are not delusional about the fact that we live in a market economy. We do want to sell the things we make, but on our terms and according to our values.

We use science, art and sports as forces for good in socially disadvantaged areas.



One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

Considering we still live by the eighteenth-century notion of aesthetics as pertaining to the “knowledge of the senses” it is logical to agree with the idea that all art is rooted in perception. But by accepting that, we are stuck with the general problem of art’s status as a social system. 

Looking at the current status of the art world, many would argue that art is not a social system or if it is, it’s not a very good one. It’s natural to feel nostalgic thinking of the times when art became a social system for some people, like at the dawn of modern art, but that was also the time when all women artists were erased from art history. So what do we do with that?

The only answer to this is to go back to the root of all things art – creativity. Social systems based on creativity differ from other social systems (society for example) in one very important way – it’s the only system that embraces differences and doesn’t strive towards homogeneity. It’s why 22blocks and everyone else in our village invests in our shared Ecology of Talent.

a straw hatt in Brighton

Without Interruption…

“So much beauty, so little time.” When we first met our builder and maker of all things important – Tim Whittington, it was like the man was wearing an invisible cape covered with stars and all sorts of diamond glitter to match his painted toenails (it’s a trademark thing we,ve been told). It takes a while to digest the sheer volume of amazing things this man, and his partners Tara and Nick, have built.

It is funny how people like Tim are only visible to the equally gifted. And it’s because they move in the space between things and fill the gaps that others are creating. It’s simplicity in its purest form – no ego and no agendas other than the big scheme of things for everyone’s survival. 

As we move around our little collective space at Presuming Ed’s in Brighton, we can’t help but think that everyone should just abandon their ego and bow to meaning. But that’s privilege talking… for now.

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