Featured Artists

Iva Troj – Contemporary Painter

Award-winning contemporary artist Iva Troj creates fine art pieces which seamlessly merge Renaissance aesthetics and techniques with postmodern praxis. Her intensely detailed images achieve astonishing tricks of light and shade, as practiced by the great masters while incorporating dreamlike scenes which challenge cultural norms. Iva’s Portfolio

Will Blood – Artist & Designer

Will Blood is an artist/designer from Brighton, UK. As a designer he has worked for hundreds of bands, brands and associated companies worldwide. As an artist he has been featured in magazines, worked in public spaces, created murals, taught and also shown work in several countries. willblood.com

Seiko Kato – Collage Artist

Japanese artist Seiko Kato creates collages of minute detail on an impressive scale. She is a rare combination of two worlds – a Japanese artist living in England who finds her inspiration in old Victorian drawings, encyclopedias and Victorian paraphernalia and creates works of unprecedented precision exploring her native Japanese culture. seikokato.com

Dave’s Work

Dave Shrimpton is a portrait, people and street photographer who uses vintage and classic cameras from 1890-1970, both on location and in his Cambridge studio. Dave works in large and medium format film and also uses the 1851 wet plate collodion process to capture images on glass, metal and Perspex.

More about his  workhere >

“Dave Shrimpton is a rare artist, not just because of his humble demeanor, his child-like sense of wonder or his unprecedented knowhow around vintage cameras, but because he understands the transcendent nature of beauty and the importance of honest discovery.”

Dave Shrimpton

Vintage Photographer & Artist



Ecology Of Talent

Our initial goal with the 22blocks/Ideas Lab collaboration was to establish a platform for talent development reaching out to artists in various stages in their careers: young, emerging, established and in-between. Although the initial goal hasn’t changed, we now believe that the vast ecology of talent existing in the Brighton area has the potential for growth beyond that of individual artists. We believe that we can provide a focal point for the creative community in the area without loosing our focus on the needs of each individual.

With the involvement of an in-house marketing team, our potential and ambitions grew even more as an additional branch of agency excellency was added to the existing mix. The team’s contribution expands beyond that of a marketing and branding expertise, their social responsibility projects have added a whole new layer of meaning to our collaborative venture.

We see Presuming Ed’s, the area around it and the people that gather there, as a potential social system based around creativity that can be focused around social responsibility, sustainability and business oriented thinking that nurtures our community.

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