Featured Artist – Iva Troj

Award-winning contemporary artist Iva Troj creates fine art pieces which seamlessly merge Renaissance aesthetics and techniques with postmodern praxis. Her intensely detailed images achieve astonishing tricks of light and shade, as practiced by the great masters while incorporating dreamlike scenes which challenge cultural norms.

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Featured Photographer -Dave Shrimpton

Dave Shrimpton is a portrait, people and street photographer who uses vintage and classic cameras from 1890-1970. He works in large and medium format film and also uses the 1851 wet plate collodion process to capture images on glass, metal and Perspex.

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Xbox Halo Masterpiece

Xbox UK hired Iva Troj to paint an epic Renaissance style painting [6×3 metres] for the 20th anniversary and launch of Halo Infinite in Dec 2021. The piece was completed in just over a month and received 3 Cannes Lions nominations for Cannes Lions 22.

Worldwide Campaign

Book Covers

Most recent covers – paintings for the book ‘Hello Troj’ and for the cover of ‘Rebecca’ – 1930’s classic by Daphne du MaurierTechnique: pencil, ink, acrylics and glaze on paper

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Portrait Illustrations

Portraits of various figures from ‘Rebecca’ – by Daphne du Maurier as part of the collection for the book we did for SunTap Publishing.

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Transparent oil technique 

Transparent oil technique is mostly known as the Flemish method of layering thin veneers of paint between layers of varnish. Iva Troj’s paintings are often created using this technique although she has invented her own unique variations.

Gallery – Iva Troj

Acrylic on paper

Using acrylic paint on paper can be a bit tricky but the textures and blends one can achieve with good quality acrylics applied with dry brushes is quite striking. Have a look at some of the examples from ‘Rebecca’

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Pencil and Graphite

Hatching (shading by drawing parallels lines) is a traditional drawing technique used by most professional artists. It predates Renaissance and is taught in most art schools. It is also the technique mostly used by our artists.

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Pastel Drawings

The pastel drawings in our collection are mostly created using pencil pastels but also chalk pens and graphite dust. Layers are created using blending techniques and spray varnish.

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Mysa Collaboration

Iva Troj and Ecuadorian artist Mysa Stark did a collaboration in 2016 which resulted in a small collection of drawings including the above “To All The Bad People”.

Mysa Stark on FB

Graphite and Chalk

This technique is used by almost everyone in our small collective, from Tash to Iva and Mysa Stark. It is also how the first layers of paintings created using transparent oil technique are painted.

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Wide Range of Styles & Techniques


TV ads – Channel4

Paintings for Taskmaster series 11

Technique: pencil, acrylics, digital. 

Iva Troj created 3 highly detailed paintings for the Taskmaster 11 series trailer which was aired in a nationwide campaign in 2020 [see trailer below]. The paintings were created from pencil and paint sketches that were later scanned and developed using textures and custom paint brushes [created by Iva] in Adobe Photoshop. Iva is highly skilled in both traditional and digital techniques which allows her to move freely between various styles, genres and environments. In the case of Taskmaster 11, she was tasked with the creation of works in the style of old masters such as Raphael and Botticelli [example to the left “The Birth Of Venus”].

‘Element’ – Large Format Drawing

This large format colour pencil drawing was initially created as a cover illustration for Iva Troj’s 2017 catalogue. The first draft was a large double layer work created on two separate pieces of paper [a transparent foil sheet on top of a fine art paper sheet] to create the illusion of double exposure. The work was later recreated on a single sheet of tinted Lito paper.




‘Sibling’ – larger format pencil drawing

Technique: Drawing – pencil, graphite and charcoal dust. 

This original drawing was created as the foundation for a new painting series titled “The Siblings”. The series will feature drawings and paintings based on the illusion of “double exposure”.

Graphic Novels & Comic Book Illustrations

Origami Wine – Graphic Novel

Technique: Drawing – pencil, graphite and charcoal dust. 

Although Origami Wine is about a 13 year-old Romani girl who kills her trafficker and embarks on a dangerous journey through the Balkans, it is not a sad novel. Absurdity, unpredictability and love make for a bundle of stories that may sometimes feel like fantasy because of how little the world knows about the Roma, but are indeed real and deeply rooted in the history of the region.

This graphic novel by Iva Troj is inspired by real places and true events. The illustrations in the book are highly detailed and meticulously drawn / painted.

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