Original Art

We offer a broad range of styles and genres, including vector illustration work, drawings and original paintings.

One example is the work of prestigious award-winning contemporary artist Iva Troj is sought after all over the world. Through CurrentlyAwake, you have the chance to commission a truly unique piece. 


Bespoke photographic work, in the way Dave Shrimpton does it, is a rare thing. He is a portrait, people and street photographer who uses vintage and classic cameras from 1890-1970, both on location and in his Cambridge studio. Dave works in large and medium format film and also uses the 1851 wet plate collodion process to capture images on glass, metal and Perspex.

Illustration Work

Extensive portfolio featuring a number of artists and a large variety of different techniques and styles including pencil art, highly detailed acrylic and oil paintings, watercolour landscapes and portraits, animals, flora, Renaissance-style paintings, and more.

Terms & Conditions

By authorising a commission the customer agrees to the following terms and conditions. 

!!! Conditions apply for reservations as well. Once the reservation is made, a minimum of 40% nonrefundable deposit is paid to the artist. The remaining amount must be paid prior to shipment.

Customer’s obligation
The customer (the “buyer”) will provide all necessary information (including images where applicable) in order for the artist to agree on a timeline, a scope and a fixed price for the commissioned artwork. Once authorised, the buyer will stay in regular contact with the artist until the transaction is completed. The customer agrees to accept the artwork as it is shipped (e.g. stretched/framed/rolled in a tube), in accordance with what has been agreed with the artist.

The price agreed with the artist will not change once the deposit has been paid unless otherwise agreed between the buyer and the artist.

The buyer will pay 40% of the total amount, as a non-refundable initial deposit, at the commencement of the transaction at which point the customer commits to purchasing the final product provided all interim progress reports meet their approval. 

The customer will check and provide feedback on all progress updates from the artist. Continuing the exchange of messages with the artist may constitute approval of the progress under these terms.

The customer will pay the final balance once the artwork has been completed. The buyer will forfeit the non-refundable deposit should they choose not to proceed with the order.

The buyer will respect the artist’s creative process, style and technique as part of the artistic process involved in the creation of the commission. The buyer will accept the artist’s freedom of expression in accordance with their practice. By paying the deposit the customer confirms that they base their decision to proceed with the commission on the artist’s body of work presented to the buyer at the time of requesting the commission.

You are not obliged to proceed with the commission until you have paid the deposit.

Artist’s obligation
The artist will make sure that all necessary information (including images where applicable) are made available before a timeline, a scope and a fixed price is agreed.

Once the commission is authorised, the artist will stay in regular contact with the customer until the transaction is completed. The artist agrees to create the artwork in accordance with what has been agreed with the customer.

The artist will update the customer on all progress from beginning to completion on regular bases and await feedback from the customer before moving to the next stage. In regards to changes, the initial agreement applies 

Returns & Disputes
The buyer waives any right to a return for a custom made product, including any framing if applicable. A return can only be accepted if the artwork arrives with the customer in an unsatisfactory state (severely different from the images that have been communicated before completion or severely damaged as in irreparable) and then the normal returns procedure will apply and the customer will receive a full refund, including the initial deposit.

If there is a dispute between the customer and the artist, regarding the final product meeting the initial criteria, the artist is under no obligation to create a second commissioned artwork if the customer is dissatisfied with the first unless a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached.

The final resolution for any and all disputes must be accepted by both parties.